Welcome to Money Making Asset (MMA) and I’m sure you will gain heaps of knowledge and experience to turn your own Passion Into A Money Making Asset !

I have been around technology for most of my adult life and I found that I have a skill to be able to teach others. 

My coaching comes in the form of “Plain English” rather than “Geek Speak”, and I’ve helped tens of thousands of people turn their Passion Into a Money Making Asset online.  I do this so you can live life the life you always wanted to “On Your Terms”

‘How do I to set up an online business?’ It’s the question that Patricia Laverty, business mentor, author, blogger and influencer gets asked the most. She knows that many people put off starting a potentially brilliant business because they are scared or inexperienced as to how to get it online.


“30 Days to Online Success – Turn Your Passion Into A Money Making Asset” is her answer.


Claim Your Copy of My new book – “Turn Your Passion Into A Money Making Asset” and I look forward to meeting you on the inside !!


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