Dog training with a positive response

Pet backpackDog training with a positive response

We have a beautiful new puppy in our home or your beloved pet that you may have had for a little while.

Now we all want is a positive response when we ask our dog to do something such as sit, stay, “high 5” or wait. You may even have a command for ‘eat’. 

The reason we do this is that we like good manners in our home and we are out in public, not only from people but from our pets as well, because they are part of the family and we don’t want them running amuck through our house and garden.

It doesn’t take long to train your new puppy or dog, it’s a matter of repetition.  Now what I mean by repetition is that if you use a word let’s say sit because you want your dog to see it then you continue to use that word in that same tone of voice.

The last thing you need to be doing is adding sentences around the word set they generally go something like this for heaven’s sake Harvey will you please sit; I’ve asked you three times Now Harvey now please sit – you get my drift, right? There is no positive response.

The more you add extra words or combine the words inside another sentence, the more your dog is going to disobey and wait for you to repeat three or four times until they hear the word “sit” in the same tone of voice that you used when you first started out.

So please go ahead and write down the words that you would like to use for your pet to follow and in which tone of voice you will deliver it. Please keep a calm voice with a steady voice – no shrieking, yelling, angry or high-pitched tones; keep your voice steady and calm with a gentle commanding tone. You will fare far better using this kind of repetition and you will have faster results than if you were to use erratic commands.

DogcollarandbowStaffy2So, in essence you are training yourself as well. How can you hope for your pet to understand what you’re trying to tell them if you are all over the place with your words and your tonality?  How would you react if somebody spoke to you with a shrieking voice, and jumbled their words while expecting you to carry out their request? Do you feel like giving a positive response? How is your heart rate feeling? Calm? – I’d think not!

A good consistent training regime is the most important factor to succeed in helping your dog understand what you want them to do.  Keep it simple, keep it calm, keep it consistent.

Over the past 6 months my neighbour has been leaving their dog out night and day, it never gets a walk; and it barks NON-STOP.  Now you’d think I’d be getting irritated that the dog is barking, but no, I’m irritated because the owners don’t give a toss about their dog nor do they have any respect for any of their neighbours.  A couple of weeks ago they went away for 3 days and left the dog by itself for the entire time – outside.

Well, the dog was so stressed, it just kept barking for a full 3 days.  Finally, somebody called the RSPCA.  Why have a dog if you don’t care that much about it.  Now the dog does not stop barking. The owners have to keep it inside because if they let it out for even a couple of minutes, it just runs around barking and you can hear the stress in its voice.  That poor little thing is stressed out permanently.  Again, how would it be it a person was left outside for 3 days with a bowl of water and a bowl of dry food and nothing else?  They wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

So, what’s my point?  Well, it’s not the dog’s fault; it’s the fault of the owner for not taking care and responsibility to make sure the dog feels safe and loved. Dogs need a pack leader, otherwise they do not know how to behave themselves and they don’t understand boundaries.

When you have a pet in your home it’s important to have a plan so that it is part of your family, it has boundaries, it knows how to behave, and it feels safe, secure and loved.

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