How do I train my puppy

How do I train my puppy

It’s interesting that new puppy owners want to immediately begin training because the puppy is ‘just being a puppy’, playing, chewing, licking and of course peeing!

But it’s important to note that puppies (like children) need to go through their puppy time (around the 5 to 7 months) and have some freedom. That being said, we are not going to have our puppy peeing in the wrong places – right!

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Remember that ‘on the leash’ is training and obedience time; and ‘off the leash’ is time for play and rest.  Remember to take your puppy outside after eating and drinking – usually around the 15-20 minutes, this will get your puppy into a routine of going outside after every meal, and happily peeing (or otherwise) on their designated spot.

Have fun with your puppy and keep bonding especially when they are so little and innocent.

Even though you are not formally training your dog at the moment it’s still important to give you a puppy lessons in good manners when they are around other people; it’s really bad manners and very annoying when your puppy jumps all over another dog or another person.  The person may be forgiving but the other dog may not like a puppy jumping all over their face and may react with a growl or even a nip. It is your responsibility to be in control of your puppy or dog when you are in public.


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So simple good behaviour like sitting and waiting are great activities to start with.  

When you take your puppy for a walk it’s good to have some small treats in your pocket. 

Now this isn’t an invitation to overfeed your puppy but use the treats as a reward for paying attention to you when you ask them to. 

This is also a good method to use to distract your puppy and bring their attention back to you if they have become over excited by a passing dog or person. The last thing you need is your puppy to run out onto the road.

Dogs need a pack leader and expect to be given instruction from the boss.  Remember to be firm but be kind.

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