Why Exercise Is So Important To Your Body, Mindset and Longevity

power walkWhy Exercise Is So Important To Your Body, Mindset and Longevity.  As I was powering along this morning on my daily power walk.

As I was enjoying the clean fresh air and the energy boost, I was contemplating on the massive benefits of exercise for your body, your mindset and your longevity.

A few things started occurring to me – and that’s the first benefit of exercise – is that your mind becomes so creative. 

I could be working on a problem that I’ve been trying to solve for days, straining to find the answer, but as soon as I take myself for a walk – voila ! the answer to my problem comes quickly to mind – why did I not do this in the first place!!  

So I’d love to share some of my insights with you.


Firstly The Energy Boost

Feelings are an important part of our psychology and when you’re not feeling too terrific, then that can send your whole system down the drain.  One of my good clients “Rosie” is working with me to develop her own online business so she can become financially free whilst running her own online business.

 computer in bed

Now the trap here is that Rosie spends a lot of time in front of her computer (yes even sitting in bed – come on own up – are you doing this?), and she spends a lot of time inside her house. 

Last week Rosie called me to say she wasn’t feeling too good, that she felt she had no energy and she lacked the motivation to be enthusiastic with her business and her life!

Get Away From Your Computer and Your Work

Let me tell you from experience, that spending too much time in front of your computer combined with not leaving your home will bring your energy and enthusiasm levels down to the ground fast !

Remedy: – At least 30 minutes (or longer) a day going for a walk outside in the “Fresh Air”.  You will be amazed just how fast this works.  The endorphins in your brain and nervous system come alive instantly.  You will feel invigorated, energised.  Also your muscle tissue and bone structure will be getting their required boost of healthy vitamins and fresh air.  Try it – you’ll love it – It’s addictive !

Energy boost girl

The fact that Rosie was spending soo much time in front of her computer and her business is also unhealthy for you.  Why do we have our own businesses? Is it because you want to spend 10 hours a day slogging ! – No Way!

Isn’t that why you became your own boss – to work less hours and spend
more time doing what you love?  <<COMPLIMENTARY COACHING SESSION>>

– I usually spend the morning on my business. I update my website, ad new blog posts and check my account balance to see what has been generated overnight.  In the afternoons I take my coaching calls to make sure my clients are all okay. Sometimes I go for my walk before I start to work, and sometimes I walk after I’ve completed a couple of hours of work.  But I Go Out ! and I even go out 2 or 3 times in the day for fresh air if I’m feeling low on energy. 

The message is here to only spend an hour or two on your business and then get away from it for a couple of hours.  You will be amazed just how productive you are within those few hours.  You do not – I repeat Do Not have to spend 8-10 hours at your computer. 

Your time is precious – what is it you love doing outside of work?
Go and do it!


Yep, water !  This is one concept that I fought with for some time until I got a bit of a health scare.  I’d been told to drink at least 2 litres of water a day, but I just couldn’t do it. 

This lead to dehydration, skin problems, organ problems and of course my energy levels were through the floor.  I couldn’t work out what was wrong!  And after seeking some help – Yep a good dose of healthy Water fixed the issues.

Remedy: Water is our life force, without it we die.  We can go without food for days, even weeks, but we cannot go without water.  So I have filtered water on hand at all times. 

Not Tap Water though – it’s full of chemicals.  First thing in the morning I pour myself a large glass of water with a squeeze of lemon and that sets me up for the day. 

And the big glasses of water just keep on happening throughout the day. 

Water helps stimulate the blood flow and the energy boosters too!

So in conclusion,

  • More time for yourself – I repeat – More Time For Yourself !
  • Get away from your work
  • Spend less time with your computer and more time for yourself = fabulous productivity
  • Drink good healthy untouched Water (with a squeeze of lemon)  

This will help you enjoy your business your leisure, your time doing what you love – and remember to

Live Life The Way You Want To – On Your Terms

Until next time

Patricia Laverty

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