The 3 Top Recipes For Getting Rid Of Your Age Spots

Age spotsThe 3 top recipes for getting rid of your age spots

As we travel throughout journey from childhood, teens and then into adult hood, our skin is exposed to the elements.

Yes, even if you have slathered sunscreen on every time you go out, there they are – those age spots.  And we so want to rid ourselves of them.

Not only do we see them on our hands, but also on our faces and neck.  Although these are called age spots, they are actually sun spots which have been accumulating throughout your years.

If you’re a person who has spent a lot of time in the sun, then the chances of you having sun spots are even greater. And you can only but feel the pain of a person with fair skin.

Now this is where we ask, well how can I get rid of them?  They are making me look older than I actually am; and they are difficult to cover up.

There are a few ways to rid yourself of these little demons, so let’s have a look at which one appeals to you.

Yes, you can get chemical peals, dermabrasion, lasering or even liquid nitrogen but all of these methods have side effects and can leave you skin looking even worse than before.

1. Lemons

Now Lemons have a lot of uses for eating, drinking and for use in a remedy, and they are easily accessible to everyone.   It’s long been known that lemons contain citric acid which can be used on your skin to remove dead skin cells.

Now by removing dead skins cells, this allows a new layer of skin to be revealed which leaves your skin with a youthful glow. Now please take care not to go out and be exposed to the sun while you are using this procedure, or you will get the opposite results. 

As we know not all skins can tolerate the lemon juice being applied and this can result in irritation and redness. So perhaps do a little patch test first before the full onslaught.


You can also mix the lemon juice with rosewater or honey or coconut milk which may work a little better especially if you’re having a bit of a reaction on your skin.

My favourite method, first thing in the morning when I’m actually having my lemon drink, is to slice up my lemon wedges or sometimes slices – then rub the lemon wedges over my skin, leave for about 15-30 minutes before having a cool shower.

2 – Potatoes

Now the other veggie item we have that is acidic is the juice of a potato.  Another great feature about the humble potato is that it also has bleaching properties which is just fantastic for removing blemishes and age spots…. Who knew !!

Here’s a little recipe which is easy to whip up to help you get started:

  1. Let’s get a potato and give it a good wash first
  2. Remove any little eyes, or sprouty bits as well
  3. Next we grate the potato
  4. Place the grated potato onto something that you can squeeze the juice out of – like a piece of cloth – or of course you could use a juicer.
  5. Next we add some drops of lemon juice – 3 or 4 should do the trick
  6. And let’s sweeten it up with a few drops of honey as well.
  7. Now simply apply the mixture onto your age spots using a cotton bud
  8. Let’s wait about 20 minutes
  9. Simply rinse offpotatoes

3. How About Skin Exfoliation – Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the ingredients contained in Apple Cider Vinegar is alpha hydroxy acid which makes a brilliant skin exfoliator.

Simply use a cotton but to daub a little of AC Vinegar onto problem area of your skin.  This is best done before you go to sleep at night so it can work it’s magic.

Now to turn this concoction into an age spot remover you simply add a piece of horseradish.  Just finely grate a piece around 4 inches or so into your concoction of AC Vinegar.

Now this is when we just have to wait a little – Mix it well and leave it to soak for about 2 weeks (no peaking now, it must be undisturbed).

After you concoction is ready, simply shake and strain into a storage jar with a lid.  Now it’s ready for a cotton bud to daub a small amount onto your age spots about twice a week until you are happy with the result !

Keep in mind that it is normal to experience slight redness or stinging initially, as you would with a store-bought toner, but if irritation is severe, discontinue use, or try diluting the mixture with water.

Here’s a list of the top ‘over the counter’ lotions and potions you can afford:

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So let’s get to it.  I’ve already taken a ‘before’ shot and I’m looking forward to taking progressive photos as my brown spots fade away into non-existence.

I look forward to seeing yours too!

Until next time


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