How To Choose The Best Oil Diffuser For You

The current research points out that scented candles are not as safe as many think. It is suggested that many candles release harmful substances such as lead, formaldehyde,  metals and compounds into the air that you are about to breathe in.

Although not all scented candles do this, there are a large number that do. So with that said, oil diffusers have increasingly become a brilliant alternative to candles.

Essential oil diffusers provide the same benefits as a scented candles whilst using natural ingredients — and the benefits of these essential oils have been proven over thousands of years.

Whilst some essential oils should not be placed directly on the skin but rather have them diffused into the air.  Hence the better alternative of the Essential Oil Diffuser – and as you can see you have a huge variety to choose from that will suit your home, travel and even your car.

The Choice is Yours !

I have to admit that I use several of these diffusers all over my home.  I’ve often been asked which is my favourite…. well I have a few.  The one I really love is my Travel Diffuser.  I can’t tell you how lovely it is to set up when I reach my destination after a long coaching day with my students.  Another favourite is my car diffuser.  So wherever you are, there is a lovely diffuser meant for that space. Oh and in my home I love this one !


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